Discounts In D Cups


I recently read a news story regarding how the strip club industry is hurting in today’s ailing economy. Which leads me to; A few ways to tell that strip clubs are feeling the pinch.

  • The lead dancer carries a sign that reads: Will Strip For Food.
  • The Champagne Room is now The PBR Closet.
  • Between sets dancers sell Tupperware.
  • Lap dances are advertised as the bare minimum.
  • Twin strippers offer two for one special.

7 Responses to “Discounts In D Cups”

  1. Evyl, I think it is the public duty of the men of America to rise up for the strippers. Receiving one lap dance a week can keep this industry from going belly up. 😉

  2. LOL. Aw. I will go get naked and play my tiny violin for them. 😉

  3. OUCH! Sorry dude, I really am 😦

    There is no joy in West Texas today. – Evyl

  4. I think they’d do better selling dick enhancers? Lotions, potions, edible undies, and sex toys, no? LOL! Frickn’ hilarious!

    Table to table Viagra Salestrippers. It could work. – Evyl

  5. It’s not the PBR closet around here….it’s the Busch Light Bathroom…..

    I wear a Busch Light to bed on a cap. I like to see what I’m doing. – Evyl

  6. I heard this morning that a lot of loose change is ending up around the pole on stage. You give ’em whatcha got. I did see one stripper who came out as the Lone Ranger and after her show she was selling silver bullets.

    Now that’s an idea. – Evyl

  7. This will not stand. I think a bail-out is in order.

    I agree if the goverment could give each taxpayer a 1000 dollar incentive to spend at the strip club of their choice, it might make a difference. – Evyl

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