Takin’ Care Of Business

I’ll get off my ass and post the Freak of the Week Winner this evening but I thought that I would take care of business and say thanks to a couple of blogmigos first.

Writer Chick in her absence has graciously allowed me to guest post on her site with a tasteless poem. As I didn’t want to trash her PG rated joint, I didn’t write a single obscenity. I was so proud.

Heff does a regular post on cheap beers entitled, ‘Whats On Tap, Heff.’ . As I am an aficionado of beers, cheap and otherwise, I proudly sent him a fine Texas Brew that is inexpensive but doesn’t cut down on taste or quality and also offers a concentration game on every bottle cap. He must have been impressed because he published one of the best damn beer review that I have ever seen. And I have to thank his better and much better looking half, Donna, for making the review so freakin’ awesome.

10 Responses to “Takin’ Care Of Business”

  1. no obscenity? how the hello am I not believeing that?

    and yeah get off youur ass 😉

    Okie dokie. – Evyl

  2. I know you were originally gonna post “taking care of business” in honor of the Techsters
    but they didn’t

    I don’t know. I am still in mourning. – Evyl

  3. I love me some Lone Star brew. I’m generally a fan of everything from Texas…except the Cowboys. Hey…I’m an Eagles fan!

    What’s this I hear about the benching of McNabb? Surely not. – Evyl

  4. Thanks again for the beer, and Now the link and extra publicity, lol.

    I’m just glad that you liked it. – Evyl

  5. You did a fantastic job at Writer Chick’s! Loved it! And a very cool beer review from Heff (and Donna)! Big hops, I mean hugs, to you, Evyl!

    I’m glad that you liked it. And that was a way cool beer review. – Evyl

  6. Can they come clean my house?? 🙂

    As soon as they are through at my place, I will let them know. Although that might be awhile. I am a dirty dirty boy. – Evyl

  7. It was far from tasteless, bud.
    You wrote a poem that didn’t have the words ‘fuck’, ‘asshole’, ‘shit’, ‘cornhole’, ‘pussy’, ‘fucktwat’ or ‘cock’ in it.
    A major award for you my friend.
    And it was damn fucking funny to boot.
    As always, you rock, my man.

    I’m glad that you liked it. Perhaps I will try a post tomorrow without obscenities. I will blame the post on you of course so prepare for any backlash if the post doesn’t go over. – Evyl

  8. btw-
    awesome video.
    Love BTO . . .

    I liked it as well. And BTO Rocks!!! – Evyl

  9. Hi Evyl,

    My wife insists that we hire professionals to come in once a year, before the holidays, and get the house in tip top shape for company. I used to complain that it was a waste of money. Then I found the cleaning service featured in that video. Now I’ve come to appreciate a well scrubbed house. Really, it’s changed my life.

    the Grit

    Cleanliness is next to … well that isn’t a great analogy. – Evyl

  10. Hey Sugar,
    Sorry I missed this post somewhere between L.A. and here. I was delighted to have you honor my blog with your exquisette poetry. Even the dirty words would have been okay. Thanks for doing that, it really helped me out.

    Big Hugz,

    Dang it’s good to hear from you. I can’t even remember the last time you commented. I hope all is calming down and I will see you around here more often. – Evyl

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