Deck The Halls

Thanksgiving is over and it’s once again time to deck the halls. In the words of that great Christmas Movie, ‘Deck the haus with boughs of horry. Fa Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra.


I knew there was a reason that I love the holidays. Merry Fucking Christmas!!!

10 Responses to “Deck The Halls”

  1. Jingle boobs, jingle boobs, jingle all the way! LOL

    Gotta luv it!!! – Evyl

  2. I love me some titty tan lines.

    It is truly one of the best things in the world. – Evyl

  3. And all this time I had no idea it was actually fashionable that my boobs swing around when I’m just lounging on the couch.

    It’s always a good idea. Particularly when a webcam is handy. – Evyl

  4. And I thought I made awesome motion gifs !

    You do. This gif was sent to me through an e-mail last year. I can’t remember who sent it though. It was most likely either Gerry or Smoke. So to whoever sent it, I must give my thanks, it’s an awesome gif. – Evyl

  5. reminder to self…get mammogram…lol

    I’m nothing if not helpful. – Evyl

  6. And now we need Bing Crosby singing “Thanks for the mammories”

    It puts me in mind also of that little jingle, ‘Clap On – Clap Off – The Clapper.’ – Evyl

  7. Aaaaargh, I’ve been hypomotized by Christmas Boobies!!!!!

  8. Jesus Krispies, they’re all jigglin’ like flesh jello . . .
    Iiiiiiiii LIKE it!

    There’s a lot to like. – Evyl

  9. And they’re in rythmn, too. So nice.

    They’re soothing. – Evyl

  10. merry christmas indeed

    It gives me the warm fuzzies. – Evyl

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