I Just Don’t Get It

Frankly, I just don’t get this commercial. I find it hard to believe that Charlie Sheen would idol worship Michael Jordan. Sure Jordan is arguably the greatest basketball player ever but come on let’s get real. Not only was Charlie Sheen married to the super hot Denise Richards, he also screwed some of the finest women that money could buy, courtesy of Heidi Fleiss. And another thing that part at the end where Sheen throws his cell phone and says, ‘Call me, my numbers in there.’ What kind of idiot would look through Charlie Sheen’s cell phone and have time to call his number? As for me, I’d be calling up his ex!

Wait Til I Get My Hanes On You

Wait Til I Get My Hanes On You

13 Responses to “I Just Don’t Get It”

  1. I’ve always found Sheen to be funny but he ultimately seems like your quintessential douchebag.
    Nailing a piece like DR, where do you go from there?
    Obviously not Rosie O’Donnell.
    Am I banned from the blog for mentioning that bull-dyke’s name?

    Actually I was thinking of doing a Rosie post after her Variety Show comes out. It should be a hoot. – Evyl

  2. The gay “wtf” factor in those Hanes commercials is just ridiculous. Kevin Bacon? Cuba Goodng, Jr.? WTF!

    The Cuba Gooding Jr. one is outragously gay. He does everything but get a facial. – Evyl

  3. Damn that’s one hot pic, even from a woman’s perspective!

    From any perspective, she’s hot. – Evyl

  4. I must say … nice picture… even if I am a chick, not sure if there is enough sea weed on that beach to cover my 44DD’s… 🙂 oxox But hey, I’d give it a try.. 😉

    Now that’s a beautiful picture. – Evyl

  5. That is a dorky commercial but yeah, Denise Richards is gorgeous. I wouldn’t mind looking like her. I never would have married Charlie Sheen though. Dumbass.

    He is a dumbass. How could he let that slip through his fingers? Only an act of sheer stupidity. – Evyl

  6. Doktor Holocaust Says:

    perhaps Sheen is admiring Jordan’s ability to avoid scandals, stints in rehab, and a caareer that has watered down to making sitcoms with other aging celebs of the 1980s?

    meaning that the two have probably been at a lot of the same parties, clubs, and escort-service-waiting-rooms, but Sheen gets more press for it.

    Possibly. – Evyl

  7. wow…ummm….that is a hot beach pic of Denise…like I feel a little gay right now…ahem.

  8. I have the biggest woody for Denise….ever since Starship Troopers…I’m such a geek.

    Hey, I tagged you for a meme. Do or don’t, I don’t care, just wanted you to know. Cheers Evyl!

    I believe that it was Wild Things that pushed me over the edge. – Evyl

  9. Denise Richards IS gorgeous and I’ve never understood how Charlie Sheen gets women.

    Aside from paying them, of course.

    There is that. – Evyl

  10. Good Lord! She’s divine.

    Yes she is. And I must say to get a full scope of her talent and beauty, Wild Things is a must see. – Evyl

  11. almost all commercials are crap
    just like hollywood there is a serious lack of imagination

    That is so true. – Evyl

  12. and yea, I suppose it wouldn’t suck to be Charlie’s pecker for a while

    Yeppers. – Evyl

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