Freak Of The Week: The Festive Freak

Yes my good freaks and friends, it’s once again time to put the most prestigious honor in the entire blogoshere up for grabs. It’s time to pick the Freak Of The Week!!! This week the contest is getting in the spirit of the season. Just caption the festive little pic below. If the Freak Finding Panel of Judges picks your entry as the most freakish, then blogfame is yours for the taking. Good luck and may the freakiest freak win!!!


29 Responses to “Freak Of The Week: The Festive Freak”

  1. “I said milk and cookies…but I’m game” – Santa Claus

    It’s a good thing that he isn’t lactose intolerant. – Evyl

  2. Ralphie: “I want an Official Red Sweatered Nipple-Action Two-Tit-Action Range Model Pair of Jumblies! ”

    Santa Clause: “You’ll poke your eye out, kid!”

    Now that’s funny. – Evyl

  3. And by Santa Clause, I meant Santa Claus. Of course.

    Of Course. – Evyl

  4. Doktor Holocaust Says:

    “So where do I plug in the lights?”

    “traditionally, presents are unwrapped after sitting on Santa’s lap, but I’ll make an exception in your case.”

    “I hope you’ve got a few sisters or a lot of piercings, because we have a lot more ornaments to hang”

    “God’s Christmas gift to man.”

    It is a Kingly gift. – Evyl

  5. ‘Which is more round the bauble or the breast?’ pondered Santa as he filled his sleigh that fateful Christmas eve

    Life does give us tough questions. – Evyl

  6. Some ripper entries already….I need to here sooner…Dok Holocaust’s first one would haven been my suggestion, so can I vote for that instead???

    Duly noted. – Evyl

  7. Oh Come Let Us Behold THEM


    Someone needs to pull out their yule log.

    You certainly have some contenders here. – Evyl

  8. nice tittie balls

    With a little tinsel, she’d really have something. – Evyl

  9. Those things are gonna hang to her kneecaps if she makes a habit of this!

    That would be a shame, huh? – Evyl

  10. Are your balls as big as mine?

    Heavy hangers. – Evyl

  11. Does this mean we can’t turn on the furnace until December 26th?

    Or Jan 1, when the balls drop. – Evyl

  12. sarah flanigan Says:

    my question is, where does she put the tree? it does make one wonder, doesn’t it? 😉

    I don’t know about the tree but I do wonder how she decorated her bush. – Evyl

  13. “At Santa’s request, the topless girl bounced so hard, she broke his Christmas balls. ”

    That’s a shame. – Evyl

  14. I can’t stop laughing long enough to think of one of my own. These are great entries! Gonna be a tough one!

    It seems tougher every week for the Panel of Judges. – Evyl

  15. Hi Evyl,

    Jiggle balls. Jiggle balls. Jiggle all the way.

    Maybe NOW you’ll pay attention to my explanation of the mathematics of orbital dynamics.

    Introducing the adult version of clackers.

    For some reason this makes me want to go bowling.

    the Grit

    It’s a lovely lane. – Evyl

  16. I’ve heard of the pencil test but the ornament test is a new one! No way can I beat those entries above! They’re all awesome!

    There are some goodies. But surely you can think of something. – Evyl

  17. Crazy Dan Says:

    I see your two and raise two more.

  18. Crazy Dan Says:

    Damnit it didnt do the picture what the fuck?
    So I will try one more time.


    I keep getting an invalid address on your link. – Evyl

  19. Crazy Dan Says:

    If the balls are there where is the star of David?

    Martha Stewert’s naughty Christmas decoration tips.

    No blue balls this Christmas.

    Everyone forgets about the fouth wise man Chuck Norris who gave Jesus the gift of Breasts and he too saw that it was good.

    Mother always said that Santa perferred fresh milk. (I never knew what that meant until right now)

    Just another reason why spinning the dreidel sucks.

    Not everyone can handle the Festivus feats of strength. (Festivus for the rest of us!!)

    And I bet that she could really handle the Festivus pole. – Evyl

  20. Gebus, I’m with Moe. All the goodies have been done.

    Shite, I’m so not letting my ‘K’ man see this for fear he will want to adorn my nipples.

    It might put you in the Christmas spirit. – Evyl 😉

  21. Shit im sitting this one out

    It’s a toughie this week. – Evyl

  22. And THIS, my friends, is why Christmas is in winter!

    Zactly!!! – Evyl

  23. I saw Santa kissing Mommys breasts,
    underneath the mistletoe last night.
    What a site it was to see…
    Santa was filled with glee
    underneath the mistletoe last night.

    🙂 – Evyl

  24. Doktor Holocaust Says:

    “more touch-sensitive than the iphone, curvier than a vintage corvette, and naturally occurring in pairs – BEST. CHRISTMAS. GIFT. EVAR!”

    So True. – Evyl

  25. “Next Christmas…hopefully I can afford to have the implants actually put in.”

    An even better wish than two front teeth. – Evyl

  26. Doktor Holocaust Says:

    i gotta tell ya, evyl, I keep coming back here, partly to look at the other entries to the caption contest, but mostly just to look at the pic itself.

    It does give one the holiday spirit. – Evyl

  27. Crazy Dan Says:

    Over come with the Christmas spirit her titties grew 3 sizes that day.

    And it gave her the strength of ten nipples plus two. – Evyl

  28. Geez, somebody’s already used my Festivus pole, damn it. Oh well. I couldn’t think of a better place to put my balls.

    Yeppers. – Evyl

  29. Oh, that was you whut said something about the Festivus pole.

    I’m just cool like that. – Evyl

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