Give Me Some Leftovers

Leftovers Don't Look Like That In My Fridge.

Leftovers Don't Look Like That In My Fridge.

It seems that Sean Avery of the NHL has been suspended over a comment made about his ex Elisha Cuthbert. I guess that he’s pissed that she dumped him for another hockey player.

And really who could blame him. Elisha’s portrayal of Danielle in ‘The Girl Next Door’ certainly made me wish that a porn-star would move in and be my neighbor. Hell, I would have walked around singing Mr. Rogers theme song all fucking day if she moved next door.

I am glad however that real jobs aren’t like playing in a professional sports league. If I were suspended every time that I disparaged an ex-girlfriend, I wouldn’t have got in a full weeks work until I was in my early 30’s.

Here is the quote of what he said, “I am really happy to be back in Calgary, I love Canada,” Avery said. “I just want to comment on how it’s become like a common thing in the NHL for guys to fall in love with my sloppy seconds. I don’t know what that’s about. Enjoy the game tonight.”

Damn, I don’t know but that sounds really tame to me. I can think of many things that he could have said more disparaging about an ex-girlfriend and/or her new boyfriend. Such as:

  • I’d like to ask him how my dick tastes every time he kisses her.
  • They have a lot in common. Her pussy is like wet toilet paper. When it gets wet it just falls apart. And he’s an asswipe.
  • They should get along great. They both suck hard.

If he ever feels like spouting off he should use a similar line. If you are going to get suspended for something, you should really make it worth your while.

For the full story click here.

13 Responses to “Give Me Some Leftovers”

  1. LOL. What he said did seem a bit tame but it was just uncalled for to say it at all. Your versions were definitely worth suspensions though. You are too much, Evyl. 😉

    Why thank you. You say the sweetest things. – Evyl

  2. Hi Evyl,

    As luck would have it, there is a porn star who lives next door to our local winery. Well, actually she’s just a titty dancer, but that’s close enough for me. Every now and then on nice days some of us get together at the winery, sit outside drinking wine for a few hours and staring at her house just in case she decides to practice outside. No joy so far, but the wine’s good.

    the Grit

    As long as the wine is good it should be worth the wait. – Evyl

  3. Yeah, while he may be a douchebag for saying it (and it was really tame), it certainly didn’t warrant a suspension. This is a league, after all, that condones in-game brawling.

    It’s almost as bad as the celebration rule in football. – Evyl

  4. Damn…you wouldn’t have to heat those left overs up.

    Thanks for the story…we got it posted

    Thanks!!! That’s way cool. My buddy will be pleased. – Evyl

  5. Heh, what a whiny little shit he is. I would be calling him:

    “Needle Dick, the Bug Fucker.”

    But a suspension? That’s even more laughable than he is.

    Yeppers. – Evyl

  6. The poor boy was obviously unable to multi-task whilst holding the pepper, the microscope and tweezers to initiate sex…. 😛

    It does seem to be a trial. – Evyl

  7. Yeah, that didn’t seem bad at all…. next time I’m sure he’ll put more “oomph” into his disparaging comments 😉

    Either that or he will just smack somebody. – Evyl

  8. I heard his comment on TV played back. I’m thinking that was a little out of place, but I have assuredly heard much worse comments.

    Yeppers. – Evyl

  9. I thought what the fuck when I heard the news, (what did he say that was so bad?) She actually is leftovers, and who doesn’t love em some leftovers, after they wash his leftover slobber off.

    In all honesty Ms. Cuthbert has made quite the rounds in the Hockey world. Avery himself was getting in line for a crack at her. – Evyl

  10. So just who is Sean Avery you say, well the comment was made to probably goat the other player into something on the ice late it is hiss M.O. In Boston he made some comments to fans after a loss in the stands on his exit. Nothing new for this guy… watch what Don “Grapes ” Cherry has to say about the guy

    He is quite the douchenozzle. – Evyl

  11. I couldn’t read the story….Zero attention span with a pic like that right above it!

    I really need to start posting the pics at the bottom. – Evyl

  12. HAHAHA….you’re right you have to make it count! LOVED the toilet paper comment….I might need to consult you the next time I need to publicly bad-mouth a past dude 😉

    Anytime. In the past, I have been called on for my keen put down abilities. It is a gift. – Evyl

  13. Go Stars! Err… Right. Anyway. What he said wasn’t that bad. It’s just his behavior and passed antics fueled more behind that comment. The comment itself while uncalled for wasn’t that bad. People have totally said worse but it’s because it’s Sean Avery and he acts like a douchebag far too often. I remember when he got signed to Dallas and the majority of my friends were made about it because they didn’t want the guy on the team because they said it would cause drama since that’s what he does best. I think the call for a suspension was weak though. If he was going to do something, he should have went all out if he was going to do something to cause a stir. Whatever. Maybe he’ll learn to tone it down a little though.

    Your lines were hilarious though, bwa ha ha. Maybe you should give Avery lessons.

    Great post. Too bad I’m so late in finding it.

    Take care.

    You aren’t too late at all. Thanks for commenting. I always appreciate it. – Evyl

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