You Pick ‘Em

I thought that I would leave it up to you wonderful freaks and friends to pick the next Truly Tasteless Christmas poem. Just vote for the title and I’ll supply the tastelessness.


And to cleanse your palette, head over to Heff’s Bar and Grill and check out his take on CornDragons.

5 Responses to “You Pick ‘Em”

  1. …and PBR XMAS is in the lead !!!!

    It’s the winner!!! – Evyl

  2. Pabst Blue Ribbon?
    Got tears in y eyes here, dude with the snow and everything . . .

    I tried decking the halls. – Evyl

  3. Come on spit on that pussy! We need more voters over here….can I get more voters over here please….come on…

    Maybe it will win someday. I did have one worked out. – Evyl

  4. PBR.

    Every time.

    And I dig the new masthead and snowfall effect. Wish I knew how to do shit like that.

    WordPress did the snow for me. They’re handy that way. – Evyl

  5. That snow makes me think I’m hallucinating.

    Must seem strange to see snow this time of the year in your neck of the woods. – Evyl

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