Freak Of The Week Winner: The Down Home Holiday Freak

This week a truly unprecedented thing happened. The Freak Finding Panel of Judges was held hostage. Yes, my wife held the judges hostage and demanded certain concessions. One was that she be named Freak of the Week. The others, I will not get into here. Suffice it to say that both my pride and injuries will heal. Here is her winning entry.

Re-gifting again? Couldn't you just get me a gift card?

Re-gifting again? Couldn't you just get me a gift card?

You can head over to the Freak of the Week page to offer Mrs. Evyl congratulations and thanks once again to each and every one of you that entered my little contest this year. If you didn’t win this time around better luck next year and remember that you’re all winning freaks in my eyes.

8 Responses to “Freak Of The Week Winner: The Down Home Holiday Freak”

  1. *giggles* It is pretty damn funny and definitely worthy of being the freak of the week.

    Although, Mrs. Evyl has loved you long time and still hasn’t plunged a knife between your ribs. That’s either love or waiting for the life insurance policy to pay more. Either way… That’s damn freaky. 🙂

    Congratulations, Mrs. Evyl. We now see where your minion gets his inspiration from.

    Minion? She’d get a laugh out of that. – Evyl

  2. Bro…you got to let us know when these contests are rigged!!

    Merry Christmas to you and the missus…I’m glad I came across this site this year.

    Thanks bud and I hope the new year see’s your site rise to the top. – Evyl

  3. I’m bummed I didn’t win but, it was my first try! Surely I can be a freak!!
    Congratulations to the Mrs!

    It’s a tough contest and you had a great entry. Better luck next time. And have a great holiday. – Evyl

  4. congrats to your wife!
    She has to be freaky, to put up with your shit
    I mean that in the nicest way

    I wouldn’t take it any other way. – Evyl

  5. Well done Mrs Evyl!!!
    I see you’re determined to get lucky this Christmas Evyl????

    Sometimes a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. – Evyl

  6. Your wife rocks!!! I laughed aloud – well done!

    Happy Holidays to you and yours…

    Have a great Christmas. – Evyl

  7. Well. If the wife doesn’t win on occasion, the husband NEVER will !

    Ain’t that the truth. – Evyl

  8. Your wife is the bomb!!!!

    Now you’re going to give her a big head. – Evyl

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