WTF News

I was reading where Madonna has been swapping spit with a 20 year old Brazilian model by the name of Jesus. Well at least he is young enough to be her son. Can’t say much about any other comparisons because just singing like a virgin ain’t gonna cut it.

Like A Prayer? More Like A Runaway Cougar.

Like A Prayer? More Like A Runaway Cougar.

I’ve noticed that President Elect Obama’s shirtless Hawaii pics are all over the freakin’ web. I have seen the headlines read everything from ‘Whoa Bama’, to ‘The Most Buff President Ever.’ I just don’t know if I want a President known for being the most buff President ever. I’d rather have one known for being competent.  But after looking at the pic, I couldn’t help but notice why all the female voters have been oohing and aahing. Presidential Mooseknuckle; Now there’s an election technique that you don’t see everyday.

Presidential Mooseknuckle

Presidential Mooseknuckle

All in all these stories left me disgusted but then I came across some entertainment news to put a smile on my face. It seems that Ashley Simpson’s babydaddy is giving reviews on the taste of her breast milk.

I Am So Glad That I Am Not Lactose Intolerant

I Am So Glad That I Am Not Lactose Intolerant

7 Responses to “WTF News”

  1. I saw that pic of Obama and my first thought was how I’m glad they don’t post pics of Bush like that…….

    Or Clinton. Especially Hillary. – Evyl

  2. Remember the words “LIKE a virgin” She never said she was.

    Obama. Mooseknuckle or no. He better be packing something in his head. I’m with you on the competency thing.

    Lastly, being lactose intolerant never stopped me. And that story borders on PETA wanting Ben & Jerry to make their ice cream with breast milk.

    The breast milkshake would be excellent after some motorboatin’. – Evyl

  3. Too bad Madge no longer looks like that. Her new ‘buff” body looks a bit like Willem Defoe in “Platoon”. Yikes!

    That is scary. – Evyl

  4. So when Madge is screaming her head off, or whatever she does when she is getting her brains banged out, it’s kosher for her to scream JEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESUS.

    Well yeah, here’s hoping Obama has more than a very sexy body. Damn, he’s hot.

    Breast milk tastes worse than another bodily fluid. I’m uber glad I was bottle fed.

    I think she just hollers next. – Evyl

  5. These days Madge looks like she needs ironing I’m afraid…maybe that could be Jesus good deed for her do you think? For all the lengths she goes to in order to stay young, she looks pretty feral these days, so I’m thinking she must bang like a dunny door to keep dragging the guys in

    I’m with Anja on Obama..much as I hate to admit it he does have one hell of a body, but I do hope he has more to bring to the party

    Breast milk? Did nothing for me when I had it let alone want to find out what it tasted like…BLEH!!!

    It’ll work for creamer in a pinch but beyond that I wouldn’t recommend it. – Evyl

  6. Posting pics of Madge before she sold her soul to the Dark Minions of The Third Circle of Hell just proves her coffin should be nailed shut and we should all be armed with wooden stakes 😛

    I thought that she did that right after Lucky Star and signified it by shaving her arm pits. – Evyl

  7. apericvictory Says:

    lots of news so here we go.
    As for Madonna she will be bangable when she is 100
    Obama O-eight O yeah
    and as for the last pick i definatly believe breastfeeding is a lost art

    It might be that breastfeeding is a lost art except for everytime that I stop at a fucking McDonalds. Invariably some mother whips out a saggy to feed her rugrat. – Evyl

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