Worst Of The Worst ’08: Part Two

Now for a further review of my favorite tasteless posts of 2008. This time form July to December.

Jeepers Creepers, How ‘Bout Them Peepers?


Evyl 101: First Date Etiquette


The Really Sick Shit

If It Makes You Happy

PBR Jesus

Tales From The Wild: Episode I

Fuckin’ Up A Meme: 7 Weird Things

A Crackho Christmas Carol

11 Responses to “Worst Of The Worst ’08: Part Two”

  1. There’s nothing like a trip down memory lane. Sterling contributions, Evyl. I love ‘fucking up a meme’ you do it so well.

    Thanks Darlin’. Have a great ’09. – Evyl

  2. Thanks for sharing the Evyl-lights of the year πŸ™‚ To you and yours all the very best for 2009

    Back atcha darlin’. – Evyl

  3. Hey there Evyl,

    I’ve been a lousy visitor lately, but I wouldn’t let the New Year ring in without at least a few lines to wish you and loved ones nothing but the very best.

    Thanks for all your shockers this year, and keep them coming, I’m not ‘cured’ yet!

    Don’t worry about it darlin’. Have a great ’09. – Evyl



  4. PBR Jesus had me rolling!

    I found the pic and it got me rollin’. – Evyl

  5. Thanks for Part Deux. I enjoy your unusual take on things…
    Looking forward to Freak of the Week starting again.

    Next week, the return of the Freak will come. – Evyl

  6. I really liked Jeepers Creepers (where’d get them balls)
    Nothing like a good old fashioned teabagging session.
    Mmmmm, I can smell the excitement.

    That’s just shmegma. – Evyl

  7. Hey Bro I was curious are you going to post some of your new years resolutions. Here are mine. Happy New Year!

    Eat Healthier (No more Bacon Double Meat Chili Cheesburgers)
    Only Masturbate When Aroused, Not Just Bored
    Pay down Credit card debt
    Stop Convincing Myself Strippers Really Like Me

    But they do like you. And I resolve to embrace my inner manho in 2009. – Evyl

  8. This was a great way to end your 2008. I wish you a wonderful new year, full of good things, Evyl. πŸ™‚ Thanks for all the good times this past year.

    Have a great year darlin’ and thanks for all your kindness. – Evyl

  9. You are very disturbed but funny keep the posts coming!!!

    I will indeed. – Evyl

  10. Most of your stuff has me in stiches, and these were no different….I look forward to another year of Evyl posts…and at least one from you over at my place too, probably around the mid July mark I’m thinking…

    Be glad to darlin’. – Evyl

  11. Just in case I haven’t said it previously – Happy New Year, Evyl !

    P.s. – I may need some more Lone Star, LMAO !!!

    Hope yours was a great one. Mine was sober and that sucked but I was on call. – Evyl

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