Wouldn’t You Like To Be My Neighbor

Zillow Blog, a real estate company’s blog, recently conducted a poll on who would make the worst and best celebrity neighbors. Sarah Palin was voted the most desired celebrity neighbor while Britney Spears was voted the least favorite.

I really can’t agree with those findings. So, I thought that I would do a little informal poll of my own. Here’s a short list of some celebrities, just pick the celebrity that you would most like to have as your neighbor.

21 Responses to “Wouldn’t You Like To Be My Neighbor”

  1. Looks like you’re stuck with me for a neighbor. 😉

    It would be a pleasure. – Evyl

  2. I picked you because I know you like barbecue and PBR. I don’t know what those other freaks like.

    Sometimes one has to choose the devil that one knows. – Evyl

  3. I picked Evyl . . he’s got the bald, raw, sexxxxy thang going on.
    though Kat Von D is a verrrry close second.

    It’s damned good to see ya back darlin’. – Evyl

  4. I’m a fence peeker. You may not want me as a neighbor.

    As long as you didn’t sic the German Killing Machines on me, I figure we would get along famously. – Evyl

  5. QueenBitch Says:

    Oh there were too many choices so I picked Carmen. However if it was a true neighborhood then we’d have like up to three neighbors so you could be my second neighbor 🙂

    I could never fault anyone for picking Carmen. – Evyl

  6. only if you promise to flash me once in a while… maybe before I go to bed! 😉

    That’s not a problem. – Evyl

  7. Well duh! Of course I want YOU! I’m thinking Carmen Electra would come in a close second though. She’s hot.

    She is at that. – Evyl

  8. Doktor Holocaust Says:

    Tony Soprano, because I might wake up some mornings with him on my doorstep, handing me a rolled-up newspaper full of money, saying “you didn’t hear or see anything last night, did you?”

    also because it’d have to be a really safe neighborhood. Mobsters may be sadistic bastards who support a wide range of criminality, but they don’t want to live in the middle of it and thusly don’t allow that kinda thing in their nighborhoods.

    You have a valid point there. – Evyl

  9. Sorry Pal. The HedgeHog has connections. I had to place my vote for Ron.

    Just make sure that he cleans up after himself. – Evyl

  10. Hi Evyl,

    I voted for Jet Li because, heck, I like my privacy and who’s going to fuck with that dude just to snap a few pictures? Besides, it would be great fun to send the next batch of Jehovah’s Witnesses over to his place. Of course, there’s that ninja threat, but we have a pack of vicious dogs and there’s that old saying about being stupid enough to bring a sword to a gun fight, so I might even enjoy their intrusion.

    the Grit

    Can’t fight that kind of logic. – Evyl

  11. I picked you too. I think after reading this blog the others would be kind of boring and normal lol.

    You say the sweetest things. – Evyl

  12. You’ll have to move into a high rise with everyone demanding a piece of the Evyl-Neighbour action lol 😛

    The more the merrier. – Evyl

  13. I’ll take seconds off Ron Jeremey….Having you as a neighbor would be a hoot too I’m sure, if you don’t mind Slayer blaring at 4AM…

    As long as a rooster doesn’t crow when the sun comes out. – Evyl

  14. I voted early for Evyl. I see I’m not alone. Vote early, vote often I always say.

    Thanks dude. – Evyl

  15. Evyl, you’re my favorite celebrity neighbor, for sure! Can I borrow some sugar, sugah?

    You betcha darlin’. – Evyl

  16. Dude, I voted for you, but I have to tell ya, Brett Michaels was a close second. 80’s has-beens make me hot.

    Brett has aged well. And I find that very strange. – Evyl

  17. I don’t even know you that well, but I think I love you. Kat Von D was my second choice

    I’d hit her up for free tats after a good barbecue. – Evyl

  18. I picked you b/c I know your fun but I wouldnt mind a little visit from Bret Micheals every once in a while..lol

    I need to cruise on the guys bus for a bit. – Evyl

  19. listing yourself??? was there any doubt what the answers would be? I would be honoured to have you as a neighbour 🙂

    Every Sunday it’s kill it and grill it day. – Evyl

  20. Seems you’re the most desired neighbour??
    No real shock there I have to say…..

    It was to me. – Evyl

  21. Not one vote for Nick Nolte.
    Go figger

    True. – Evyl

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