Freak Of The Week: Fuck Up A Meme

Yes my dear freaks and friends, the holidays are fuckin’ history and that can only mean one thing; It’s time to bring on the Freaks. Do you have what it takes to be the first Freak of the Week chosen in 2009? Your assignment is to freak out a meme stolen from BE Earl. You are the host of the freakiest late night talk show in television history. Choose three guest stars and one musical guest for your freakiest show ever.

Good luck to all and may the freakiest freak win.


On a side note, I hardly ever note when I do a post at Mantown as for the most part we have decided to post there anonymously but I just had to share this one with everyone.

15 Responses to “Freak Of The Week: Fuck Up A Meme”

  1. Oh crap, this one is hard. Let’s see:

    Clive Barker – Author of hellraiser, and my favorite author btw…
    Myself – I’d spend 10 minutes talking back and forth to myself. Yeah, that would work…not.
    President Bush – Yeah, that’s right. Unbeknown to him, the audience would be provided the ripest of tomatoes to toss at him when the audience cue lights flash ‘Nail him!’. Bastard.

    Musical act would have to be Peaches. Type that into google and you’ll find her discography in case you don’t know who she is…

    There it is. Sadly, there it is. I think Heff will do a better job. My money’s on him….

    I thought that you did pretty good. – Evyl

  2. 1 guest ( guests ) The couple in your photo gallery ( the most disgusting thing I have ever saw). This couple can fulfill the “how’d they do that?” portion of the show.
    2 guest – Martha Stewart – she can give tips on clean up and end it with “Now that’s a good thing!”
    3rd guest Larry Flynt – Since he is asking for the government to bail him out, this story may help him into a new adventure in the magazine industry.
    and the musical guest: Jimmy Buffet – “Why don’t we get drunk and screw”

    I love that tune. – Evyl

  3. Evyl’s Late Night Freak Out
    Episode One

    Special Guests
    Bridget the Midget
    An Expert in Anal Bleaching Procedures
    Chuck Woolery

    And Special Guest Musical Star Introduced By Trisha

  4. Evyl’s Late Night Freak Out
    Episode Two

    Special Guests
    Heff and Donna From Iron Heff America
    The Stars from 2 Girls 1 Cup
    Eric Estrada

    And Special Guest Musical Star

  5. Special Guests:

    Bea Arthur and Jenna Jameson (sketch comedy)(hey..its my show dammit)
    Chris Burke from Life Goes On
    The Shamwow guy

    Musical Guest….GWAR and Genitortureres in a battle of the bands

    That would be some great sketch comedy. The Golden Shower Girls. – Evyl

  6. Doktor Holocaust Says:

    special guests: Pee wee herman, an obsessive/compulsive graverobber, and the exhumed corpse of Elvis Presley (for an educational segment on adipocere). Musical Guest: TSOL, singng their corpse-love classic “Code Blue”

    Pee Wee would be one hell of a guest. – Evyl

  7. Hope you had a nice new years Fuzz! The holidays went too fast for me back at work ugh

    They always do. Mine went well eventhough I was on call and had to remain sober. – Evyl

  8. Britany Spears,
    Dr. Kevorkian,
    & Dr. Joyce Brothers
    Musical guests?
    Who else could it be but Lou Reed?

    The show would rock.

    That’s one hell of a line up. – Evyl

  9. I’ve missed reading this blog! Ahh it’s good to be back 😉 hilarious posts btw!

    oh and Happy Crappy damn New Year!

    It’s good to see ya back. – Evyl

  10. My guests:
    Ronald Reagan’s corpse – because that would be awesome.
    Keanu Reeves – because he’s a horrible actor, and I want to poke him to death with a spork. Then maybe he would show some emotion…
    Harrison Ford – because I want to make sweet, sweet love to that hot, old man.

    Musical guest:
    The Dropkick Murphys, singing “Kiss Me, I’m Shit-faced”

    (BTW, Happy New Year!)

    I’d make ’em play Barroom Hero as well. – Evyl

  11. No problem.

    Guests – The two girls from “2 girls, 1 Cup” & Ron Jeremy

    Musical Guests – BUTLIK.

    That would be one grade A fuckin’ show. – Evyl

  12. Guests would be Mother Theresa dressed in leathers, Adolf Hitler in drag, and the freak that is Michael jackson, but he ain’t singing…that would be left to Tiny Tim…the freakiest freak of all fucking time!

    It could be taped in a Graveyard that would be cool. – Evyl

  13. Hi Evyl,

    The guests would be Vladamir Putin, Barack Obama, and Arnold Schwarzenegger for casual talks on issues revolving around the rights of transgendered midgets and how the Government can assist them in their struggle to fit into a tall, straight world. This would be followed by a shirtless pose off between the guests to the New York Philharmonic Orchestra playing the 1812 Overture firing live cannons loaded with second hand stripper clothes and individually wrapped condoms with your picture on them into the audience.

    the Grit

    Mini-Chicks with Dicks would be one hell of a topic. – Evyl

  14. 3 Guests:

    Duff from Ace of Cakes – he looks like he knows his way around a dungeon
    David Duchovny – sex addict. Hot.
    Billie Piper – Rose from Dr. Who. Hottest girl on TV. Holy hell I would make out with her right on TV.

    Musical Guest: Duffy, cause a Duffy is tough, you don’t want to mess with a Duffy!

    David Duchovny would be a hell of an interesting guest. – Evyl

  15. Still laughing at the ShamWow spam!

    I had fun with that. – Evyl

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