Call Me Dr. Feelgood

I recently heard of a scientific study that proves what I have known all along. My cock is better than a happy pill.

These findings prove that splooge makes women happy. And hell’s yeah, I do love to spread happiness. Now if only they can prove that it’s effects are best when taken orally.

21 Responses to “Call Me Dr. Feelgood”

  1. Dude ! I read that shit on a different web site just the other day !

    Hey, I’ve gotta go. Donna’s been acting evyl lately. Time to make her happy !

    It’s not good to keep ’em waiting. – Evyl

  2. Stuart Smalley must have been into bukaki

    Now that’s funny. – Evyl

  3. For angina, the medication is placed under the tongue for slow absorption; so it stands to reason that the mouth would absorb the health giving properties of splooge into the bloodstream.

    I love you more all the time. – Evyl

  4. Make it taste like chocolate and you’re in business 🙂

    How about some sprinkles? – Evyl

  5. I gotta go with Average Chick on this one! 😉

    I’ve been drinking lots of chocolate milk to see if that would help. – Evyl

  6. I’m with B and Average Chick too 🙂

    I’m working on it. – Evyl

  7. I’m thinking here Evyl .

    Take your time. – Evyl

  8. I would rather go with the injection but then again, along with some others… chocolate is the way to go!!!! You do remember hearing chocolate melts in your mouth , not in your hands!!! xoxoxo

    Injecting is fine by me. – Evyl

  9. I had to google splooge-I thought I knew what it was but I wanted make sure I knew what I was swallerin. when I oversplooge I burp alot, in a perfect world it would taste like chocolate. Dark chocolate is good for us.
    Wonder what guys would want women to taste like, BBQ, apple pie?
    I always called it cum, then I heard jizz, now I will think of splooge all day with a big smile.
    thanks for that

    I’ve always been into vocabulary. – Evyl

  10. Hahahaha! Great find! I’m printing that out and heading to the bar to see if I can improve someones day.

    btw…I left an award for you on my site.

    Cool, I’ll check it out. – Evyl

  11. I know of at least one who says it make her happy. . . And I like the idea of making it come true.

    That’s mighty good of you. – Evyl

  12. Who would have thunk it?
    Happy juice . . .

    Yeppers. – Evyl

  13. I’m all for healthy living, but I don’t give a rats arse how “good” it is for me, I ain’t taking it orally….
    Thanks for the advice doc

    I always have everyone’s best interest at heart. 😉 – Evyl

  14. I;m with the other girls; make it taste like choccie 😛

    As long as I don’t have to make it candy coated, I may can make it work. – Evyl

  15. LOL! Good to know!

    So basically…if I get laid frequently enough I won’t need Prozac anymore. 😉

    One can hope. – Evyl

  16. They say its good for the skin too. Guess you’ll have to decide what’s most important.

    I had a co-worker that swore by the skin enhancing properties of spunk but she had the shittiest damned complexion. I don’t know that I’d trust the facial facial. – Evyl

  17. I feel an Infomercial coming on…

    Feeling down? Got the wanna-kill-myself blues?

    An Ejaculate Injection will chase your suicidal tendencies into the wild, blue yonder! That’s right, ladies! One pump of this love juice will have you flying higher than that bottle of pills you were just about to swallow – guaranteed!

    Don’t like shots? Well hows about a Semen Shake! Chock full of protein and happiness, this is one orgasmic treat that won’t go straight to your hips!

    I’d so totally buy this product!

    I’d be too busy trying to pump out jars of the shit to enjoy my money selling it. – Evyl

  18. lol…good luck on waiting for that report to come in, I’m sure a bunch of males in the medical industry are furiously looking up the research as we speak 😉

    Ya better believe it. – Evyl

  19. I’ll have to test this out with the hubby later. I like being happy! 🙂

    Good luck!!! – Evyl

  20. Apparently it also has mind control powers over us lady-folk!


    Ain’t it though. – Evyl

  21. What about anally?

    I can always count on you darlin’. – Evyl

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