Grab And Snatch

In Sydney, Australia, police are on the lookout for a sick twisted individual who is truly fucking up sex shops in the area. It seems the guy is ripping off blow-up dolls and taking them to the alley, blowing them up, abusing them (sexually), and leaving the poor defenseless dolls blowed up and blown in lying in the alley.

What gets me is that he is having sex with one model of blow up doll named Jungle Jane.

Poor Abused Jungle Jane

Poor Abused Jungle Jane

With all the variety of blow up dolls, why pick only one. Variety is the spice of life. Here is a small sampling of what the boring little fuck is passing up.

Hentai Hunching Action

Hentai Hunching Action

Upgrade To An Asian Model

Upgrade To An Asian Model

Alien? Three Tits? What's Not To Love?

Alien? Three Tits? What's Not To Love?

Midget Love Dolls - Less Blow For More Pump

Midget Love Dolls - Less Blow For More Pump

Handy Dandy For Shoplifters - The Pocket Pussy

Handy Dandy For Shoplifters - The Pocket Pussy

For The Man That Will And Has Fucked Everything - An Inflatable Love Lamb

For The Man That Will And Has Fucked Everything - An Inflatable Love Lamb

Click here for the odd news story from Reuters.

20 Responses to “Grab And Snatch”

  1. QueenBitch Says:

    Only an Australian would do that *giggles*
    I’m suprised the person isnt already taking the sheep, I guess they’re already sick of sheep shaggin though..


    That should get a response or two. – Evyl

  2. ‘scuse me, Miss QB, who comes from the land of the wrong white crowd – where men are men and the sheep are used to it. πŸ˜‰

    I could see that one coming. – Evyl

  3. I love coming over here. It’s always so educating! Maybe the theif has a thing for Jungle Jane because his unit fits perfectly into her open spaces. You know, familiarity breeds contentment. Either that or he’s got a Tarsan fettish and a thing for apes too.

    Or he is OCD. – Evyl

  4. I’d like a few minutes alone with the Asian Schoolgirl Real Doll.

    Just because. Just for scuzz.

    Zactly. – Evyl

  5. I bet your history cache has syphilis

    Nope but there are a few crabs running around in there. – Evyl

  6. In his defense, those Real Dolls ARE kinda heavy….

    That’s why you should use a dolly. – Evyl

    PS – Sorry for the bad pun. I just couldn’t help myself.

  7. When caught by the New Zeland Police the man said “I was only helping that sheep up the hill”

    No good deed goes unpunished. – Evyl

  8. At least you wouldn’t have to bend the midget’s knees to go down on ya. Hey I was raised on a farm. Horses need love too, ya know. I don’t need no Jungle Jane.

    They don’t call ’em animal breeders for nothing. – Evyl

  9. Ok, I’d put the Asian girl on the couch in the living room to freak out the neighbors….

    You know, you can stick an entire straw in the ass of those blow up sheep. They make em deep, apparently they received complaints from the more endowed population of guys that have tried her.

    Actually, there isn’t anything more fun than to embarrass the bachelor in a bar with one of those. You can completely lose a straw in that sheep ass, and that was the take-away for the night. Good times.

    Certainly sounds like it. – Evyl

  10. The last one kind of gives a new spin on the term “Screw Ewe”

    Ouch. – Evyl

  11. Hi Evyl,

    I’d think that in Australia there’d be a big market for inflatable kangaroos.

    the Grit

    I’d think that they would be a little bouncy for most peoples taste. – Evyl

  12. How come they can make such a realistic looking Asian girl but the sheep looks like a freaking balloon? πŸ˜‰

    True. They need a more life like Realsheep. Or just stuff one and have the taxidermist add lifelike openings. It would be good for animal lovers and necrophiliacs. – Evyl

  13. Ya know what? I bet there’s be a market for Midget Asian Sheep Dolls!!

    Minis are in. – Evyl

  14. That’s one lamb I won’t be throwing on the barbie for Australia Day….though I know a creepy over-the-back-fence neighbour who’d probably be the Jungle Jane fetier πŸ˜›

    They’re everywhere ain’t they. – Evyl

  15. now I know why people often google “3 boobed chicks” to get to my blog…they are looking for those alien dolls! πŸ˜‰

    Could be. – Evyl

  16. Now what are the chances that every one of those stores has the same make and model of blow up doll? Hell…I can’t even find the same vibrator in 2 different stores!

    It must be a good one. – Evyl

  17. lmfao!!

    I know someone who has been the lucky recipient of the sheep blow up doll………

    I’m never hopping in one of hubby’s work trucks again after hearing one of the other drivers joking about using his gift though.

    That might be wise. – Evyl

  18. After that last pic I feel baaaa-aaaaa-aaaad.

    I should edit (or erase) this dumb comment. But I won’t. πŸ˜›

    I do like puns. – Evyl

  19. I’m with Anja…it’s Kiwi’s who do things with sheep….
    NZ…where men are men and sheep are nervous when they’re young….where gumboots are the biggest selling footwear item in the country…
    You know why they have so many cliffs over there don’t you?
    So the sheep back up harder…
    How do you pick the Kiwi in the shoe shop?
    He’s the one near the Ugg boots cracking a boner….
    @ Grit…if you ever saw the back legs of a big red roo, the very LAST thing you want to be doing is trying to give it one I can assure you…

    The shoe shop joke is awesome. – Evyl

  20. blow up sheep? we are not bloody Kiwis! those sick bastards even 69 with their sheep, sick bastards. What does a kiwi girlfriend say after sex ? Moooooore. Why do Kiwis where gum boots? So they can slip the sheep’s back legs in there and they can’t run away. midget love dolls aren’t any good unless they have a flat head. Got to have somewhere to put the Beer. Three titted dolls aren’t any good either! Which space do you side between? To much choice, and Asian dolls would love you too long a time.

    I knew that post would bring up some good comments and jokes. – Evyl

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