I had a little throw down at the facility today and Bobby Flay didn’t even peek his bitch ass from around the corner. All is well and I shall be back tomorrow with the freak of the week contest.

15 Responses to “Laters”

  1. Rest up and I hope everything’s ok.

    All is good just busy as hell. I live for these things. – Evyl

  2. you deserve a wagon load of cool beer

    This weekend just isn’t coming soon enough. – Evyl

  3. It’s always something, huh?
    Hope you kicked some ass . . .

    Let’s just say that I would rather be standing in my shoes. – Evyl

  4. take care bro…

    Always. – Evyl

  5. ooo, I’d like me a throwdown with Evyl.

    (did I just say that?)

    😉 – Evyl

  6. I’m sure you took care of business.

    TCB, that’s my middle name. – Evyl

  7. I hope you whupped Bobby Flay’s Howdie-Doodie lookin’ ass !

    He’s a punk ass bitch. – Evyl

  8. take it easy evyl, get some comfort from AJ, milk it .

    Good advice. – Evyl

  9. I hope you are ok and handled the unruly natives. My ex-ass husband used to be a hack at a max security prison for years here in MA. He’s still a hack, if you ask me, but he’s got some pretty sick stories.

    There is a good one every day. – Evyl

  10. Trisha thinking the same thing I am.

    You say the sweetest thing. – Evyl

  11. Did you win? I know you did.

    Well, I damn sure didn’t lose. – Evyl

  12. Red and Trisha have the same idea as the interesting thought going through my head. Hey, how about the three of us in a big pool of mud or jelly (um, you dudes call it jello, don’t you?) and we can fight over the top of you?

    Seriously, you take care of yourself. *kiss*

    Thanks darlin. And I love to watch. – Evyl

  13. Some people are just idiots……I would love to pull up some popcorn and watch a prisoner take down…..That would be sooo entertaining 🙂

    Rewatching the tapes are always good entertainment. – Evyl

  14. OY, that doesn’t sound good. Hope you are ok and all is well now. Hugs!

    All is good. – Evyl

  15. It must be hard to always have to be on your toes when these things happen. It must be too easy to take things for granted and assume it’s all going to work out but the slightest thing going wrong could be deadly. I don’t envy your job one single bit Evyl. But I do give you tons of kudos. Always take care!

    I always take care. And thanks. – Evyl

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