A Bubbly Post

I was looking back through some old pics the other day and came across a picture from my Jr. High Prom. It was the height of the 70’s and polyester ruled the fabric world. There a sat with my buddies with our fucked up hairdo’s and leisure suits. Something happened that day that forever turned me from polyester to denim.

I farted and the weave of the polyester did not allow the gas to escape the garment. Rather, it created a fart bubble that traveled up my crotch and then exited from the zipper. There are not many things in this world worse than a fart bubble that can not escape. I am only thankful that the candle on the table did not cause the bubble to explode and crisp my huevos.

From then on I only wore fabrics that would allow gas to pass through them and left the bubbles for bongs, where they belonged.

22 Responses to “A Bubbly Post”

  1. I wish we could see a pic of you in your polyester suit. I remember the leisure suit…and the ladies pants suits……lol..what a riot!

    Sorry but that pic is banned for bad taste. And that takes a lot around here. – Evyl

  2. If you dare admit it was a Safari Suit I’ll need a course of ECT 😛

    It was too much like it for comfort. – Evyl

  3. The picture. Publish the damn picture.

    Sorry but a picture of an underage me might be considered child porn as I am that hot. – Evyl

  4. What Anja said!!!!
    *tapping foot*

    I have stated before that there will only be one pic ever seen of me on blogs and that is already been published. Of course I may relent this summer. – Evyl

  5. I missed polyester by a few years. Phew.

    You’re lucky. – Evyl

  6. ROFLMAO! OMG, your poor date!!! LOL! Ha! Ha! Ha! *still laughing here*

    It is funny on hindsight. But it was damned creepy back in the day. – Evyl

  7. I’m joining in the vote for the picture!!

    Sorry but I just can’t bring myself to do it. – Evyl

  8. This is exactly why all of Hubby’s PJs are cotton blends. Can’t take a chance on that shit happening in bed.

    Good call. – Evyl

  9. I vote for the picture too!
    I can’t believe I wore fishnet stockings, and I am so ashamed I put my son in a leisure suit for a school pic, and he was only a tiny boy, wtf was I thinking

    I’m sure that he has forgiven you by now. – Evyl

  10. if they were bell bottoms, you should have stretched you leg out and made your own blunderbuss

    Excellent idea. – Evyl

  11. Picture please… Show me yours and I will show you mine!!!! I never knew farts cannot escape… wow, the 70’s… where was I? Oh yes, grade school. I would of been too young for you!!! oxoxo

    That was my loss for sure. – Evyl

  12. This is the Wisdom of Evyl…..

    That is why my posts are so short. – Evyl

  13. “I am only thankful that the candle on the table did not cause the bubble to explode and crisp my huevos.”…..HAHAHA…I have tears in my eyes..you should tell stories more often! 🙂

    Perhaps I will. Thanks!!! – Evyl

  14. That was hysterical!! Thanks! I needed a laugh! I’m with the ones who say PUBLISH THE PICTURE!

    Glad that you had a laugh. – Evyl

  15. Evyl, the punters are hungry for this pic.

    Sorry. – Evyl

  16. I had only one leisure suit. It was cotton. Didn’t have that problem. Sorry, but did it whistle through the zipper teeth?

    You better believe it. – Evyl

  17. demin . . poly . . eh, just go without, Evyl .. we won’t mind 🙂

    I don’t even go without shoes. It was taught to me at a young age to keep a protective layer on your body in West Texas as everything either sticks you, bites you, or fucks you. – Evyl

  18. Wil Harrison.com is here?

    Wil Harrison.com

    It’s good to see ya back. – Evyl

  19. Come on Evyl…you KNOW you wanna post the pic…
    Anja…we should start a petition!!!

    Sorry, ain’t happening. – Evyl

  20. Polyester. Leisure suits. Heh. What the hell were we thinking?


    It was the drugs. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. – Evyl

  21. Two things:

    1. I really need to see that suit, and
    2. I’m glad there’s no smellivision in blogland. 😉

    That’s a good thing. – Evyl

  22. Ahahaha! That is a good consideration whenever shopping for new clothes. I was hoping we were going to get a scan of the prom picture here though! 😉

    Sorry about that. – Evyl

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