Going Indigenous

It seems that quite often this week for one reason or another I found myself watching some documentary programs about some tribe or another in the middle of bum-fuck nowhere. Perhaps it was the saggy native titties flopping around, I really couldn’t say.

One thing that did get me thinking was the warning that came up on these programs. ‘Warning: For Mature audiences. This program contains indigenous nudity.’ I started wondering if big saggy titties flopping around is indigenous nudity in bum-fuck nowhere, would big fake boobs be the indigenous nudity of L.A., would dudes flouncing around in assless chaps be the indigenous nudity of San Francisco, and would college co-eds flashing tits for beads be the indigenous nudity of New Orleans? If so I am looking forward to some more of these indigenous nudity shows. Except I will have to turn it when the assless chap show comes on. I have seen the previews and it ain’t pretty.


15 Responses to “Going Indigenous”

  1. O.M.F.G!!
    He’s a fire hazard in summer hey?? Has the man never heard of fucking wax, or even a razor??
    My poor mind is scarred for fucking life after that!!

    Sorry ’bout that. – Evyl

  2. Doktor Holocaust Says:

    Furries – they don’t all look like cute, cartoony cat-people. some of them don’t even need to spend much on a costume.

    True. – Evyl

  3. Thank you for that image. I am going to put that on every cabinet with food to keep me from eating.

    I revel in your awesomeness.

    Flattery will get you everywhere. – Evyl

  4. In the south the guy would have shaved the number 3 in the middle of his back to show his love for Earnhart.

    Or an 88 for Jr. if the guy is thick enough. – Evyl

  5. Can’t stand hairy men.


    Sorry ’bout that. – Evyl

  6. lmao

    sorry just remembered.

    You ought to bundle up that bloke to give to Widdle Shamrock – she’ll shave him, spin the hair and knit him a scarf!

    It might be snuggly. – Evyl

  7. some unresolved daddy issues going on there

    Reckon? – Evyl

  8. Looks a little warm for the S&M sweater combo.

    True. – Evyl

  9. Oh shit !! Native breastesess aside, those assless chaps have gotta go !

    Ain’t that the truth. – Evyl

  10. Has the zoo announced which gorilla escaped?

    One does wonder. – Evyl

  11. ….and I’d just had breakfast……

    Hopefully you have time for another. – Evyl

  12. I’m pretty sure assless chaps don’t look good on any guy..Period…

    You are most likely right. – Evyl

  13. Doktor Holocaust Says:

    I’m kinda thankful the picture is from the back, to be honest. i don’t wanna know what the other side looks like

    I hear ya. – Evyl

  14. Gebus Wheezus. So that’s what Tony Soprano is doing now he’s an out of work mobster.

    Now that’s funny. – Evyl

  15. rofl, yes, nothing like a scarf knitted from male back hair.

    I did a double take for a mo, thought you had been rifling through photos of my hubbie again.

    Nope. – Evyl

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