More Fun With LOL Boobs




17 Responses to “More Fun With LOL Boobs”

  1. I feel super sorry for the last chick…her back must hurt like a bitch draggin them things around….

    She is carrying one hell of a load. – Evyl

  2. Looks like someone was having fun at Fantasy Fest in that second pic.

    Could be. – Evyl

  3. the last one needs a wheelbarrow for those puppies!!!!

    Or a very good friend. – Evyl

  4. oh my aching back!

    titties are much easier than hooters to cart around!

    True. I suppose. – Evyl

  5. DAMN, those melons are cruel.

    Yeppers. – Evyl

  6. *ouch* that last photo looks so painful…..

    Certainly if the cement is hot. – Evyl

  7. Nothing like a pair of boobs to make someone feel better.

    I feel better already. – Evyl

  8. I would gladly offer my services to help “support” that last pair.

    You are a true gentleman. – Evyl

  9. I’ve always lamented my small boobs until I saw that last pic…now, not so much…at least I can walk without needing a wheelbarrow in front of me!

    Big, small, it doesn’t matter to me. It’s all good as they say. – Evyl

  10. All these comments above are about the second and third photos. I’m wondering why the girl in the first one is nursing an octopus. . .

    Second one. . .did you see the nose on that skeleton?

    Third one. . . we used to call bras “boulder holders” This girl fits that catagory perfectly.

    I believe the correct phrase was over the shoulder boulder holders. – Evyl

  11. EEK!

    Zactly. – Evyl

  12. You are correct, Evyl. It is “over the shoulder, boulder holder” I’m old. I forget some things. And she does have the biggest boulders I’ve see lately. I see pretty close, but not quite.

    Age does that too ya. Or so I’ve been told. 😉 – Evyl

  13. Fleshguns. Bow-wow

    More like fleshbazooka’s. – Evyl

  14. Okay, the top one is kind of hot, right?

  15. ummm…that last one….those are literally bigger than the size of her head…literally….oh well at least they probably make her ass look small, haha..

  16. OK, all three of those look painful for various reasons!!

    1. Squids/octopi have sharp fucking beaks and that one’s right over her nip.

    2. I can only hope that it’s painted on and not a tattoo. (Again, nipples are sensitive!)

    3. I just don’t believe in genitalia bigger than one’s head. Thanks.

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