Just a short word in all-caps to explain my recent absence from the blogosphere with more to follow soon; FUCK!!!

5 Responses to “AWOL”

  1. Good to know you’re still alive and kicking. You’ve been missed, honey.

    Thanks darlin’. Typing is still a bitch but I have been away for too long. – Evyl

  2. We’ll accept that excuse.

    Though next time you’ll need a note………..


    I could send you one. – Evyl

  3. Hi Evyl,

    I must say that if your extended absence is due to constant fucking, your stamina is of epic proportions! You should call the Guinness people immediately, or at least during your next smoke break.

    the Grit

    Guinness isn’t quite my style. I am more of a Believe it or Not kind of a guy. – Evyl

  4. lifeunderacarolinamoon Says:

    Been missing your wit & wisdom…

    You are far too kind. – Evyl

  5. Glad to see you aren’t dead or someone didn’t kill you

    Almost but not quite. – Evyl

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