Ya Know

Ya know it is fucking hot when you bang your old lady on your side of the bed just so that you can have a cool wet place to sleep.

41 Responses to “Ya Know”

  1. Hells Yeah.

  2. The wet place means someone did something right. I love the wet place.

  3. I remember wet. I think I remember wet. Damn, if I don’t rediscover wet sometime soon I’m a gonna kill someone. Pardon my rambling – your usual programming will now continue.

  4. I always strategically place the wetspot in the center, so we can SHARE IT.

  5. nothing clears the sinuses like sleeping on a soggy pillow

  6. Never fails, I always end up with the wet spot….

  7. I try to follow Heff’s idea……… I tell hubs it came from him, he can have some back!

  8. meredith Says:



  10. hhaha this is excellent Fuzz excellent haha

  11. Sigh. I wish I had a wet spot to sleep in.

  12. lifeunderacarolinamoon Says:

    I remember wet spots with fondness…

  13. I can only dream of wet spots ~ smiling.

  14. Lucky wife you’ve got there, Evyl.

  15. just checking in…

  16. Now that IS funny.
    (Question is why? Mostly things are funny because we can relate……?)

    Hope you’ve recovered fully from your fall. Looking forward to more of you.

  17. Just checking….

  18. hey
    one word

  19. ready for some texas tech football?

  20. Just checking again…

  21. Dude?
    Where the Evyl be?

  22. Holy shit I just shot coffee out my nose!!!!! That is effing hilarious cannot wait to share that with my boyfriend

  23. hey there…hope all is well

  24. Just checking…..

  25. Did your arm and thumb have a relapse? 😯

  26. d00d?
    Call me, man.
    Hope everything is alright . . .

  27. Hope you r doing better and will return soon!!!

  28. Ok. Look, I realize it was tragic when I left the blogging world, but that is no excuse for you to go all blog-suicide on us. For real, I’m back, now where are you?

  29. Happy Thanksgiving Fuzz, Hope you come back to the blogworld soon!

  30. Evyl?
    Where for art thou, my brother? 8-(

  31. I think all the messages above mean people miss you. And you know, it is December now, you can at least put up a quickie post about curling up next to muff because it’s so cold.

  32. 8-(
    Damn, dude.
    Phone calls and emails . . .
    Almost giving up here.
    Merry Christmas to you and Joyce (and the kids!)

  33. Hope your Christmas was all you wanted and the New Year sees you with some time to blog my friend.
    Please pass on our wishes to Joyce too if you would be so kind?
    Moe and Mark

  34. masochisticqueenb Says:

    Evyl! We both disapeard from the bloggy world at the same time yet here I am makin a grand return and you have not. Whats up buddy? The internets is not the same without you 😦

  35. you alive Fuzz?

  36. sarah flanigan Says:

    evyl dear,
    it’s been a long time. i think of you often. hope all is well in your corner of the universe.

  37. Listen, I’m not here to judge, only love. You gotta do what you gotta do.

  38. End of the road, my friend.
    I hope you are okay . . .

  39. DarkStar Says:

    Like all good things in life it appears this has come to an end…. Shame, was truly enjoyable…. Rise from the ashes Evyl… The world needs more sarcastic twisted people like you telling the truth.

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