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That’s What Forever’s For

Posted in Beer, Bullshit, In The News, personal thoughts with tags on February 10, 2009 by Pure Evyl

I read that the cost of US postage stamps are going up two cents in May. But ‘Forever’ stamps can be bought for the current 42 cents until the price hike takes effect. ‘Forever’ stamps costing 42 cents are valid until one runs out of the damned things.

To tell the truth, I don’t use snail mail enough to have a reason to jump up and down over ‘Forever’ stamps. But if they ever sell ‘Forever’ vouchers for Tequila, smokes, beer, beef jerkey, and lap dances, I will be doing one hell of a happy dance.

Takin’ Care Of Business

Posted in Beer, Evyl's Friends, Tasteless Poetry with tags on November 24, 2008 by Pure Evyl

I’ll get off my ass and post the Freak of the Week Winner this evening but I thought that I would take care of business and say thanks to a couple of blogmigos first.

Writer Chick in her absence has graciously allowed me to guest post on her site with a tasteless poem. As I didn’t want to trash her PG rated joint, I didn’t write a single obscenity. I was so proud.

Heff¬†does a regular post on cheap beers entitled, ‘Whats On Tap, Heff.’ . As I am an aficionado of beers, cheap and otherwise, I proudly sent him a fine Texas Brew that is inexpensive but doesn’t cut down on taste or quality and also offers a concentration game on every bottle cap. He must have been impressed because he published one of the best damn beer review that I have ever seen. And I have to thank his better and much better looking half, Donna, for making the review so freakin’ awesome.