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WTF News

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I was reading where Madonna has been swapping spit with a 20 year old Brazilian model by the name of Jesus. Well at least he is young enough to be her son. Can’t say much about any other comparisons because just singing like a virgin ain’t gonna cut it.

Like A Prayer? More Like A Runaway Cougar.

Like A Prayer? More Like A Runaway Cougar.

I’ve noticed that President Elect Obama’s shirtless Hawaii pics are all over the freakin’ web. I have seen the headlines read everything from ‘Whoa Bama’, to ‘The Most Buff President Ever.’ I just don’t know if I want a President known for being the most buff President ever. I’d rather have one known for being competent.  But after looking at the pic, I couldn’t help but notice why all the female voters have been oohing and aahing. Presidential Mooseknuckle; Now there’s an election technique that you don’t see everyday.

Presidential Mooseknuckle

Presidential Mooseknuckle

All in all these stories left me disgusted but then I came across some entertainment news to put a smile on my face. It seems that Ashley Simpson’s babydaddy is giving reviews on the taste of her breast milk.

I Am So Glad That I Am Not Lactose Intolerant

I Am So Glad That I Am Not Lactose Intolerant

Everybody’s Got A Buddy

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 It’s a lazy brown out Sunday here in West Texas and I thought that I would give everyone a heads up on a new blog out there that has a great premise.

This Buddy of Mine  is a blog that takes contributions for buddy stories. Everyone has one. The drunk buddy, the horny buddy, the stupid buddy; buddy stories are endless. I have already contributed one buddy story over there and I have countless others that I can share. I thought that I would post one here, just to give everyone a taste of some of my buddy stories.

Back in my early 20’s, I had a buddy that was all about eating pussy. From the hottest hottie to the scagliest skank, he was all about getting nose deep in the coochie snorcher. One night as I was driving around with my girlfriend of the moment, I noticed my buddy riding around with one of the scagliest skanks that I knew in town. Later that evening after I had dropped off my girlfriend of the moment, I met up with my buddy to drink a few beers and bullshit about the nights festivities. He told me to hop in his car. I hopped in and noticed a particular item in the floorboard. I asked my buddy if he had ate that pussy. He said, ‘Hell yeah, you have to eat that pussy to see if it’s good enough to fuck.’ I then picked up the used tampon off the floorboard and pitched it in his lap and told him that she had left him an after dinner snack.

If you have the time go over to This Buddy Of Mine and read through the buddy stories. There are a lot of good ones. And while you’re there leave a buddy story because really, who can get enough of those.

Politics Makes For Strange Porn

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My bro, Crazy Dan, recently had a post about a new porno with the title, ‘Who’s Nailin’ Paylin?’. It got me thinking of some more porn titles that could be made this political season.

  • Barak In The Oval Orifice
  • Look Who’s Blowin’ Biden
  • Obama’s Baby Momma
  • Gang Bang McCain
  • The Bi-Partisan Bi-Sexuals
  • Cumshot Conservatives
  • Left Wing Liberal Lesbian Labia Lickers
  • Glory Hole Voting Booth
  • Lubed Up Lobbyists
  • Deep Inside Interns

Actually porn and politics go hand in hand because no matter who wins this election, we are all getting fucked.

Jail-Bait Bait

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I was skimming around on the ol’ wordpress dashboard and hit one of their ‘hot new sites.’ I looked at one and it was a rah rah Disney star blog. To each their own I suppose but what I noticed was that one post that was basically a shot of one of the acne brothers, Kevin Jonas, and a blurb that posed the quandary of the day. Is his hair slicked back, (in what appears to be a gallon bucket of lard), hot or not?

Now to tell the truth, I have but a vague notion of who this Junior Douche-Nozzle is. I don’t really give a rat’s ass if he slicks back his hair with lard or not. But this post got 214 freakin’ comments. So I figure that at least a dozen pre-teen jail bait wannabes were slathering their jeans over this dude on that blogpost alone.

I wish the dude lots of luck in the here and now because in my eyes the dude looks like a fucktard and in a short time he will be another unemployed has been sharing a bedroom with one of the Hanson Brothers on Surreal Life #79. He will be an old boring crotch-scratcher trying to grab some young reality stars ass. But then again who knows, that worked for Chris Knight.


Fuckin’ Up A Meme: 4’s

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The lovely and talented MJ has tagged me with the 4’s meme. It’s been awhile since I fucked up a meme, so here it goes.

4 Things I Did Today

  • During a disciplinary hearing, I handed an inmate a Kleenex because he was crying like a baby over being in the hole, to prove I had a heart. Then I sentenced him to the maximum time allowed for the offence in the hole to prove that I don’t have a heart.
  • Woke up before the alarm clock rang. Damn I hate it when that happens.
  • Put an inmate on the wall and strongly ‘advised’ him in the proper procedure for pulling his fucking head out of his damned ass.
  • Chewed Nicorette Gum until my jaws hurt.

4 Things On My To Do List

  • Tear out the radio in my wife’s car and stop all form of news from reaching her ear. KC and the Sunshine Band are coming to a nearby city and I know she will give me unmitigated hell if I don’t take her. Disco fucking sucked back then and now I would imagine that if these fuckers shake, shake, shake their fucking booty then they will break, break, break a fucking hip.
  • Hire a midget stripper for my brothers bachelor party.
  • Continue training for a spot in a professional Spider Solitaire Tournament.
  • Supplant He-Man as the Master of the Universe.

4 of My Guiltiest Pleasures

  • Getting shit faced and listening to REO Speedwagon while yelling PUSSY to the speakers.
  • Barbacoa. Damn do I love that shit. Nothing like a good chunk of cow head to start the day off right.
  • Two Words: Free Porn!!!
  • Shiner Bock. It is truly the nectar of the gods.

4 Random Facts About Me

  • I am a grandfather and my granddaughter calls me Pops. My wife is dying for another grandchild because our granddaughter ignores everyone but me when I am around.
  • Most people are scared of me until they get to know me and then to know me is to love me. Don’t believe it, just ask me.  
  • I am a hellicious cook. From barbecue to baking and all kinds of dishes in between, I kick some ass. Except gravy, I can’t cook gravy to save my fucking life.
  • Here is the only picture that I will allow of myself to be posted on the internet. I posted it on another blog back in ’06 and will never allow another to be posted. I haven’t changed a whole lot except for completely shaving my noggin and my goatee.

Stretching Out A Bit

Posted in From Blogs, Life's Questions, Love, personal thoughts with tags on July 12, 2008 by Pure Evyl

A while back Jen, at Cabin in the Sky, asked me to do a guest post. Her site is quite different than mine therefore I was somewhat surprised that she had asked me to do a guest post. She told me that I could post anything that I wished. I decided to dig through my archives of all my blogs and find something that is a little different than everyone might be accustomed to on From Evyl With Love. If you want to maintain the illusion of the full time freaky asshole that I am on this site, it would be best not to go over and see my guest post. But if you would like to see a little something different then click away. Just don’t say that you haven’t been warned.

And I would like to thank Jen for giving me this opportunity to stretch out a bit.

Tuesday’s Twisted Tasteless Poems: Episode One

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Ode To A Sock

Oh noble garment so oft abused
Thrown under the bed soiled and used.
You keep my feet so warm and snug.
Sorry I hid you under the rug.
But what to do when your as crusty as a rock,
After I have used you as my spank sock.

Once again this is a shameless reposting from one of my other blogsites. I wanted to start my new Tuesday feature, ‘Evyl’s Twisted Poems’, on a good note and this has to be one of my faves.

Crazy Or Fucked Over

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Is it a glimpse into insanity or is it a warning in the wrongs against women in the internet age? That is what I wondered on April 29, 2006. I am still wondering. Click here to see what the hell I am talking about.

A Little News For Pencil Dicks

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It seems that in India, many condoms do not work. This is due to the fact that manufacturers made the mistake of overestimating the size of the Indian penis. The Indians are afraid to ask for the extra small size and so many people are asking for more vending machines to alleviate their embarrassment. Wouldn’t this also be the perfect place to introduce penis tagging.

I have often mused why you did not see many Indian men porn stars. Now I know. It also answers the question of why Great Whites, ‘Once Bitten Twice Shy’ was such a hit in India. The line, ‘Momma’s little baby likes it short and sweet’ really struck a chord with these guys.

Click here for the news story.