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Real Men Call It Cock

Posted in Crazy Fuckers, crime and punishment, Medical, Prison with tags on June 20, 2008 by Pure Evyl

An inmate came into medical complaining that his ‘wee-wee’ hurt and that his butthole was dripping. The nurses in the medical department took a urine and a stool sample and sent them off to the lab for analysis. Now I am not a fucking doctor but just from the inmates description, I feel that I could determine a few helpful pointers for this inmate.

  • Quit sticking your dick in places it doesn’t fucking belong. Like your cellies nasty ass.
  • It is a rear exit not a damned entrance. And if you can’t give up the asslove but don’t want splooge dripping out of your ass, then tell your cellie to pull out and blow it on you and not in you.
  • No one, and I repeat, NO ONE over the age of five should refer to their cock as a wee-wee. It is a cock, prick, or dick. Pecker is somewhat acceptable and if one is in a clinical setting then calling it a penis is perfectly alright. But under no circumstances do you ever call it a fucking wee-wee.