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Posted in personal thoughts, Spirituality with tags on June 3, 2008 by Pure Evyl

Today in the office next to mine, between one very thin wall, permeating my brain, came forth the sounds of Contemporary Christian Music. Needless to say but my musical tastes differ greatly than the song stylings of Contemporary Christian Music. And after being bombarded by it for one afternoon, all I can say is What The Fuck?

I can remember going to church with my grandmother to the Church of Christ, sitting on a hard wooden pew. (I believe that one of the founding tenets of the Church of Christ is that the more uncomfortable your ass is then the easier the path to heaven.) Sitting there with my ass going numb the lilt of ‘Rock of Ages’, (No not the Def Leppard tune), spoke of high ideals of having sin washed away by water and blood.

But now the lyrics stay away from blood and sin and all the things that make religion an icky thing. It seems that Contemporary Christian Music believes that modern Christians shouldn’t debase themselves with blood and sin. That should be left to Alternative Rock. No, they sing how God is an Awesome God. As if The Bible should be rewritten in Valley Girl Speak. If they met up with the Old Testament God spewing fire and brimstone from a vengeful throne of judgement, they’d piss their damned pants and shit on themselves.

Perhaps instead of building great big crystal palaces to pray for great results from fucking botox shots or boob jobs, they should park their asses on a hard wooden seat, shut the fuck up, and get over it, or at least put on some damned headphones.