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Tuesday’s Twisted Tasteless Poetry: Episode III

Posted in For The Freaks, Spirituality, Tasteless Poetry with tags , on June 9, 2008 by Pure Evyl

Full Gospel

Christian Ken was a full gospel man

Cruised the land in a full gospel van

He traveled far and he traveled near

He preached the full gospel to all that would hear

He preached against demons and the wages of sin

He preached against abortionists and men who fuck men

He preached against Spongebob, Teletubbies, and The Wiggles

Ignoring the laughs, the smirks, and the giggles.

 He preached against evolution and fucking on all fours.

He preached against gambling, drinking, and whores.

He preached against drugs and soft and hard core porn.

He preached at night and he preached in the morn.

He preached and he postured and he prayed

But poor Christian Ken could never get laid.

At the end of his preaching back in his van

His only comfort was the laying on of his hand.