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Pump It Up

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Gerry from Dawg Bytes sent me an e-mail regarding a product that I had never seen before. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share it but I was wondering how to go about the post. I started thinking about it and decided that perhaps I could work on my advertising chops in case I ever get the urge to go into that line of work. So here is my little attempt at advertising. Hopefully these fuckers will see it and fork over some money or free product. But hopefully not the free product although they have some cool shit, with my luck, I’d get something from their enema equipment line.

Your Camel Toe Can Go From Blooper To Super!!!

Your Camel Toe Can Go From Blooper To Super!!!

It’s not a slicer. It’s not a dicer. No, it’s the all new sensation, The Pussy Pump. Is your camel toe but a kittens paw? Have no fear. With a few quick pumps of The Pussy Pump, your kitty will go from a purr to a roar. Now you can wear those tight shorts with pride knowing that your camel toe is all it can be. So shave that kitty and pump up the puss.

What’s In A Name

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Ambien CR has a new commercial. Of course they don’t tell you that the commercial is for Ambien CR. No the sleeping pill hawkers only show some weird ass commercials with a fucking chicken and direct you to a site called Silence The Chicken dot com. First off, I hate fucking artsy fartsy ass commercials that have absofuckinglutely nothing to do with the product. Secondly, I am not to keen on the moniker of ‘silence the rooster’. Wouldn’t more people be apt to actually go to the site if it was for

Afterword: I was going to link to the site but as you can time the loadtime with a damned hourglass, I decided fuck ’em.