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God Of Cock

Posted in Bullshit, For The Freaks, Medical, Spirituality with tags on July 30, 2008 by Pure Evyl

A couple of comments from the previous post got me to thinking. Yes there was porn in Ancient times from the Kama Sutra, to the Roman coins, to ancient Japanese drawings, to the licentious behavior of the Greek and Roman Gods. But no ancient figure whether real or mythological seems to have a greater chance of revival in modern times than the god, Priapus. Priapus was a minor god back then but today he would be a porn superstar. Besides the fact that he was a fertility god, protector of livestock,fruit plants and gardens, Priapus is best known as the God Of Cock. He was always pictured or sculpted with a huge hard on. This gives rise to the modern medical term priapism. (A stiffy that lasts for longer than four hours.)

In the 1980’s, The St. Priapus Church was founded to worship the cock. Although it’s members are mostly homosexual, I have always found a certain religious ecstasy when nubile female acolates would kneel and pay homage at my alter.