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And That’s The Way He Wants It

Posted in crime and punishment, Prison with tags , , on February 14, 2009 by Pure Evyl


As Disciplinary Hearing Officer, I have just about heard it all. I was running a disciplinary hearing on a minor infraction. An inmate had been written up for a level three offense; Using Indecent, Abusive, or Vulgar Words or Gestures. I relayed to the shift supervisor that I would be running this hearing and to have an officer escort the inmate to my office. The Shift Supervisor asked if I wanted the inmate in handcuffs as is my usual way, (it’s not that I mind taking care of business if an inmate gets out of hand but Use of Force paperwork is a complete pain in the ass.) I told the supervisor that it was only a minor deal and I was most likely going to give the inmate a verbal warning and go about my business so handcuffs would not be necessary.

The inmate got to my office and I read the charge and the report that stated that he was rapping and the lyrics of his rap included the words, ‘I’m gonna fuck you in the mouth. I’m gonna stick my dick in your mouth.’ When I asked him if he wished to enter a plea of guilty or not guilty, he entered a plea of not guilty. I then asked him to explain his side of the story.

The inmate said that those lines were not what he said at all but that he was only rapping a tune from Lil’ Wayne. I asked him to repeat the lyrics that he did say. He rapped,’ It’s all about the motherfuckin’ money.’ I stopped him right there and told him that he did say the word fuck and if he could understand that the officer might have misunderstood him and that as this officer did not use that type of language, how she might have been offended by his language. He said that he didn’t say fuck. I stated that fuck was the base word to motherfuckin’. He then stated, ‘You motherfuckers just don’t understand.’

I suppose not. I put the cuffs on him and sentenced him to fifteen days of Disciplinary Detention; (The Hole.) I guess, I just will never understand that damned rap music.